Big Reduction in LPG Price, How Much Per kg?

Big Reduction in LPG Price, How Much Per kg?

Islamabad: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has announced a reduction in the price of LPG from July 1.

In the articulation delivered by Ogra, it has been expressed that from July 1, LPG has been diminished by Rs 19 46 paise per kg, after which the homegrown LPG chamber of 11.8 kg has become less expensive by Rs 229 54 paise.

The declaration said that the new homegrown LPG chamber cost has been fixed at Rs 2092 13 paise.

As per the Ogra declaration, the homegrown LPG chamber cost for June was fixed at Rs 2321 67 paise.

The declaration said that the new cost of LPG per kg has been fixed at Rs 177 29 paise which was Rs 196 75 paise per kg in June.

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The IMF agreement gives us a road map: A conversation between the business community and economists

KARACHI: Financial experts and the business local area named Pakistan’s concurrence with the IMF as an exceptionally sure turn of events.

Conversing with GeoNews, eminent finance manager Amin Hashwani said that the gamble of default has deflected and credit ought to be given to the Head of the state for turning away the gamble of default, Pakistan was near default and could default in the following three to a half year.

Pakistan was near default and could default in the following three to a half year:
Amin Hashwani

He said that we ought to likewise perceive how we arrived at this present circumstance. We put our hypotheses and afterward it gets screwed up, the ongoing government will follow its political needs and afterward it gets screwed up, the arrangement with the IMF has been finished yet there has been a great deal of harm in 8 months.

Amin Hashwani said that we have discovered that we ought not be excessively wary and bring new hypotheses, the IMF has an unmistakable equation which it follows, the issue isn’t the IMF, it is our own, we are taking cash from the IMF. Indeed, the IMF isn’t discussing our hostility, it is saying, clean your home, we are not fixing our home, so is it the shortcoming of the IMF or is it our own? We have not done primary changes, so today it is our move.

A 9-month program has been found and we have a new guide: Financial expert Shahid Ali

On this event, the notable money manager and industrialist Mian Zahid Hussain said that consenting to an arrangement with the IMF is a twofold delight of Eid for Pakistan, however three billion bucks won’t come from the Islamic Improvement Bank and the World Bank after the IMF understanding. You will likewise get cash.

Financial expert Shahid Ali said that the IMF understanding is an extremely certain turn of events, a 9-month program has been found and we have another guide. Ought to and we need to open the import.

The momentary strain on stores will end: Khaqan Najeeb

Conversing with the board of monetary specialists, Malik Bustan said that the IMF understanding is an extraordinary information on the event of Eid, Pakistan needs to satisfy its arrangements, presently the shut entryways have been opened by getting reserves, it will increment unfamiliar trade, markets. On the off chance that it opens, the dollar rate will be decreased by 5 to 10 rupees right away. lpg

Monetary master Khaqan Najib said that Pakistan has stores of 4 billion bucks, 6 billion bucks must be given in the following 6 years, 1 billion bucks will come from the IMF in July, the strain on the stores for a brief timeframe will end and Some weight of expansion will be diminished.

Agreement with IMF: Fear of further increase in gas and electricity prices

ISLAMABAD: After the arrangement among Pakistan and the IMF, power is supposed to turn out to be more costly under the circumstances.

As per the sources, after the concurrence with the IMF, arrangements are in progress for additional expansion in power costs, alongside this, gas is likewise expected to be costly and the oil duty may likewise be expanded. lpg

Sources say that the power and gas rates should be expanded before the IMF Chief Executive gathering, so there is plausible of a further expansion in the essential levy of power up to Rs 4 for every unit, which will be endorsed by the government bureau.

As per the sources, OGRA has sent the synopsis of the expansion in gas duty up to half to the public authority and the choice in regards to expanding the cost of gas is likewise expected soon, while the public authority has the extension to build the duty of petroleum and diesel by up to Rs 10 for each liter.

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